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David Vonderhaar's offers his best BO2 Loadout

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David Vonderhaar's offers his best BO2 Loadout Empty David Vonderhaar's offers his best BO2 Loadout

Post by Gleenatot on Mon May 27, 2013 6:16 pm

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2‘s create-a-class system has been reworked to use a new pick-10 feature–each weapon, piece of equipment, and perk is worth one point, and you can select any combination you want with a 10-piece maximum.

This has left many players still search for that perfect set-up. Well, Treyarch’s design director David Vonderhaar has decided to offer some tips to new Christmas players by sharing his perfect loadout.

“We’ll start with a blank custom class, and let’s say I’m playing a long-range map. Black Ops 2 is a very fast-paced game and there’s a lot of close-range engagements, but there are also some interesting maps such as Turbine and Drone that have some healthy long-range distances. But they also have interiors, so you need to be super-flexible within a single map,” he told OPM.

“I’ll start off with a core primary weapon, something with a high rate of fire and high damage like the SCAR-H or Type 25 Assault Rifle (1/10) plus the Extended Clip Attachment (2/10). Since I’m aiming for both long and short-range effectiveness, I’m also going to equip the Select Fire Attachment (3/10), where pressing left on the D-pad changes between burst and auto-firing and makes you deadly at both distances. I’ll also pack a B23R Pistol as my secondary weapon (4/10). For my Tactical slot I’m opting for Trophy System (5/10), which eliminates any enemy projectiles that come within ten metres of [where it’s been placed]. This will not only protect me, but also my teammates – while boosting my scorestreak, too.”

“For protection I’m going to load up on a Flak Jacket from Tier 1 Perks (6/10) – it also provides protection from explosives – plus a Tactical Mask from Tier 3 (7/10), which cancels out the effects of Flashbangs, Concussion Grenades and Shock Charges – this is primarily a defensive class, after all.”

“I’m going to take grenades in both my Primary (8/10) and Secondary Lethal slots (9/10), so I also need to equip the Danger Close Wildcard (10/10) [to enable me to do so]. There you have it – Pick 10. What I’ve traded out here is my Tier 2 Perk and a Tactical slot in order to double down on firepower and explosive damage. This is a great loadout for capture the flag if you’re a defender, as it boasts both flexibility and range.”

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Looking at this loadout, THIS LOADOUT IS ASS! Opinions?

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David Vonderhaar's offers his best BO2 Loadout Empty Re: David Vonderhaar's offers his best BO2 Loadout

Post by Tylerrr on Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:45 pm

Well thumbs up for the flak jacket and tac mask (Y) but its waay hard without toughness! 2 grenades seems stupid. And select fire only works well on the FAL ^_^

Source: I have it on xbox

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